Community Adds Curb Appeal to the Old Barber Shop

Post date: Mar 27, 2011 10:48:27 PM

"Now, the area [Person Street B.D] is host to a string of shops, ranging from the century-old Person Street Pharmacy to a woodwind instrument store and an art gallery. But sprinkled in between are boarded-up buildings and underdeveloped land. PieBird is located next to a structure condemned by the city for noncompliance to building codes. Too many vacant or dilapidated buildings can damage an area's growth potential, said Larry Strickland, the city's inspections director." - Midtown Raleigh News The Mordecai Citizens Advisory Council and the Chelsea Realty Group partnered to develop a community project to provide a face lift to the outside of the old barber store located on North Person Street.

The project included residents and local businesses from the different MCAC neighborhoods. Community residents donated their time, skills, resources and gifts by painting, power washing, designing and lending a hand in any way necessary.

The first phase included the front of the building along North Person Street to help our friends at PieBird. The side of the building along Pace Street will be a phase two approach.

Paint colors were selected by our very own Oakdale Neighbor and Architect, Tina Govan.

The community's muscle helps prep for painting

The project was officially kicked off to the community on March 21st and the following Saturday about 11 members from the community were seen working from 9am to noon. See photos by Guy Caprioli.

Volunteers removed the old and battered awning and frame so it could be recovered by Awesome Awning in Cary. Many thanks to the

owner of Awesome Awning for donating material and labor to help bring a new look to the store.

Work continued by volunteers removing the boards covering windows to review any potential glass damage. Ladders were raised to remove the barbershop letters from the top and power wash the exterior siding to prep for future painting.

By lunch, the building had transformed from a boarded up neglected shell to a canvas that awaits a fresh coat of paint and interior window treatments.

Many thanks to our neighborhood volunteers; Scott Davis, Lanier McGree, Reid Serozi, Lisa and Tom Berry from Oakdale, Bennett Emory, Tom Hayes and Josh Billingsely from Mordecai, Barry Kitchener from Historic Oakwood, Rebekah Weber, Rebecca Necessary and Robbie from East Mordecai

Donations roll in from the neighbors

Neighbors visited the local Ace Hardware the week before painting to purchase exterior paint, painters tape, and rustoleum spray paint with their own dollars. Many thanks to neighbors from the community; Lanier McRee and Katherine Ross from Oakdale, Mary Penny Thompson, Denice Hillin, Shane Trahan from Mordecai, Dana Deaton and Finley Lee from East Mordecai.

Neighbors paint with Strands of Gold

On April 2nd we had two shifts of neighborhood volunteers that painted the front of the building. Thank you to the neighborhood paint coordinator, Hayley Leland from Oakdale, for keeping everyone busy with brushes!

The first shift of painters worked from 9AM to 11AM and then a different crew of neighbors worked in the afternoon from 2PM to 4PM.

The following colors were used:

    • Paint Exterior Brick w/ Color: (Strands of Gold b24-5 (FLAT) by Royal Ace Hardware Paint
    • Paint Exterior Trim w/ Color: (Santo Domingo C27-6 (SEMI GLOSS) by Royal Ace Hardware Paint)

Broken Glass replaced and donated by Carolina Glass

Carolina Glass installed a new glass pane (front door), which had been broken and boarded up. Many thanks to Robby Blyth from East Mordecai for making it happen. Thank you to Carolina Glass for the generous donation.

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Thank you to the following businesses for your donations