Seaboard Station

Note: While many people refer to the entire area around the historic train station as "Seaboard Station", there are several properties with different owners and developers.

1) The new Seaboard Station development is under construction. It is owned by Hoffman and Associates. Learn more on their website OR scroll down for an FAQ.

2) 707 Semart Drive is the site of Logan's Garden Shop which occupies the former Seaboard Train Station building. The Logan's Garden Shop parcel was sold in December 2021. The Logan family sold their property to Turnbridge Equities, who recently filed for rezoning*.

3) 111 Seaboard is the site of Bad Daddy's, the Eye Institute, Sola Salon, and other businesses. The refurbished 111 Seaboard Building is "the gateway to Downtown Raleigh and Seabard Station", and is owned and managed by York Properties.

Save Seaboard Train Station

SAVE SEABOARD TRAIN STATION Preservation Group- Email list & Info:

Community members in the Mordecai CAC have formed a preservation group to promote efforts to save the historic Seaboard Train Station building (Logan's Garden Shop), which currently has a rezoning application filed. The building is in danger of demolition.

There is a new email list for the Save Seaboard Train Station group. Please join if you would to get involved and receive updates. You can also email for more info.


Important Planning Commission Meeting: Tuesday, June 14. The Semart Drive rezoning case was approved by the Planning Commission on Tuesday, June 14.

Next step is City Council. Please join our efforts to save the train station from demolition. We oppose the wording on Condition 5C which allows demolition. Join our email list. More to come!

Seaboard Station. The rezoning application was approved giving the applicant power to choose options.

These are the Seaboard Conditions

Motion to Recommend Approval

“I move to recommend adoption of the proposed Consistency Statement dated June 14, 2022, contained in the agenda materials and to recommend approval of the zoning amendment.”


1) Boardinghouse, rest home, cemetery, adult establishment, and pawnshop are prohibited.

2) A sidewalk with a minimum width of five (5) feet shall be provided along the eastern boundary of the subject property adjacent to Semart Drive.

3) A plaza shall be provided at the southern portion of the property and a minimum of 50% of the plaza shall be dedicated to the public.

4) A pedestrian connection shall be provided from Seaboard Avenue to the southern property line.

5) The existing Seaboard Station train station shall be evaluated for preservation feasibility for options 5a and 5b below. One of the following options must be elected:

a) A minimum of 50% of the building, which must include the eastern façade, shall be preserved in place.

b) A minimum of 50% of the building, which must include the eastern façade, is relocated to:

i) another portion of the property or

ii) a location off-site and contiguous to the property; or

c) If the owner determines that neither 5.a nor 5b. are feasible (financially and physically) all of the following will be provided:

i) A minimum of 100 linear feet of the existing platform canopies shall be preserved in place or relocated on site; and

ii) Documentation of the present location of the building and a summary of the evaluation of options a and b above will be displayed on the property; and

iii) Unless the Building is relocated, a minimum of 1,000 square feet if existing Building Materials shall be preserved or repurposed on site;

d) If owner elects to pursue options a or b above but such election later becomes infeasible, owner may elect either of the other preservation options described herein.

6) Prior to commencing construction of conditions 5.a, 5.b or 5.c, photographs, dimensional measurements, 3-D imaging, or other similar documentation of the Building shall be made prior to any demolition and provided to the Raleigh Historic Development Commission and the State Archives of North Carolina, a copy of which will be displayed on site and which may also include additional information on the Building’s cultural significance. The display must be provided no later than the final phase of development.

7) When a parking structure façade is adjacent to, or facing Semart Drive or is directly facing the Cotton Mill condominiums, façades shall comply with the following:

a) Any such façades of the parking structure shall have openings screened to limit views into the structure.

b) Decorative screening elements may be used where such elements are employed to match the architectural character of the main building.

8) Lighting shall be designed to reduce light spillage outside the parking structure according to the following:

a) Internal illumination shall be screened so that internal light sources shall not be visible from the adjacent public right-of-way or adjacent parcels.

b) Internal illumination shall conform to the standards of UDO Section 7.4.7. Vehicular Canopies.

c) Rooftop lighting shall be located at an elevation height less than the top of the nearest exterior perimeter rooftop wall; or shall be setback a minimum of 15 feet from the exterior perimeter of the rooftop wall at a maximum mounted height of 12 feet above finished floor with cutoff light fixtures that have a maximum 90 degree illumination.

d) Lighting levels measured at the property line of parcels adjacent to the structured parking deck shall not be greater than 0.5 footcandles.

The following FAQ is for the Hoffman Seaboard Station development.


1. Q: What is planned for Seaboard Station?

A: The property is being redeveloped over time into multiple mixed-use buildings with ground floor retail and structured parking. The first phase will include a 7-story, 298-unit apartment building with approximately 30,000 SF retail. This will be built at the current location of the tennis courts and 18 Seaboard building (Block B).

A second component (Block A), originally planned for Phase 1, will include a 149-room hotel, 75 apartments, and 11,300 square feet of retail on the corner of Peace and Halifax Streets. We hope to begin construction of this project in fall of 2021 with an opening in 2023.

Phase 2 (Block C) is planned to include approximately 260 apartments and roughly 55,000 square feet of retail. The building containing O2 Fitness and Ace Hardware (Block D) will likely remain in its current condition for the foreseeable future.

2. Q: When are you starting construction? How long will it be under construction?

A: Demolition for Phase 1 will start the week of November 16th. We expect to complete construction in the fall of 2022. Block C is in the early stages of planning and timing is to be determined, however we hope that these phases at Seaboard Station are complete by the end of 2025.

3. Q: How much parking will be in Block B?

A: There are 489 structured parking spaces located at and below grade.

4. Q: What will happen to the existing tenants?

A: We hope that the existing tenants will remain at Seaboard Station, but the lease terms must make sense for both the tenant and landlord.

5. Q: Are Logan’s and the Bad Daddy’s Shopping Center Part of the redevelopment?

A: No, they are neighboring properties with different ownership.

6. Q: Will all the residential in the project be for sale or rental?

A: At this time, all planned residential is apartments.

7. Q: Is there any affordable housing planned at Seaboard Station?

A: At present, there is no plan for income-restricted affordable housing. All housing will be market rate.

8. Q: Will there be a left turn lane and arrow turning from Peace Street onto Halifax Street?

A: There is currently an eastbound left-turn lane on Peace at Halifax, but no protected leftturn arrow. A left turn arrow will be implemented when Block A (parcel at the corner of Halifax & Peace Streets) construction is complete.

9. Q: Is a bike lane going to be built on Peace Street?

A: The City Street Plan calls for a bike lane on Peace Street, and Block A (parcel at the corner of Peace & Halifax) will dedicate and build the extra pavement on that frontage to allow for a bike lane, but it is up to the City to implement the facilities when feasible. One potential impediment to connecting Seaboard to the Glenwood via a bike lane is the bottleneck caused to the right-of-way at the railroad bridge.

10. Q: How will traffic and pedestrian access be affected by Block B construction?

A: There will be sporadic temporary road closures at Seaboard Station due to streetscape improvements and water and sewer upgrades. We plan to maintain two means of access to the shopping center at all times. Developer will send street closure information to the CAC via email notification, and all street, sidewalk, and other improvements has been planned and coordinated with the City with the City of Raleigh.

During construction, access to on-street parking will be limited in the following areas:

• Street parking on the north-side and south-side of Seaboard Ave between Halifax and Seaboard Station drive will be closed

• Street parking on Franklin Street will be closed.

Construction will also require some temporary sidewalk closures, including:

• The sidewalk on the north-side of Seaboard Ave between Halifax and Seaboard Station Ave will also be closed, but the sidewalk on the Southside will remain open.

• The sidewalk on the south-side of Franklin Street will be closed, but the north-side will remain open.

11. Q: What times will construction occur on the site?

A: Construction will start no earlier than at 7:00AM and will typically work will be done by 6:00 PM. There may be rare occasions where work may go as late as 8:30 PM.

12. Q: Who is the contractor? How do I contact them if I have specific concerns during construction?

A: Clancy & Theys is the general contractor for the project. The project contact superintendent is Patrick Whitehurst. He can be contacted at:

Hoffman staff are based on-site and will oversee construction on behalf of the company. Should you have any concerns please email:

Thank to Rob Steward, John Florian, Micah Kordsmeier, and Trevor Kelly for presenting at the MCAC meeting on November 10, 2020. You can watch the video on our Facebook page.

Scroll forward to the 7:10 mark for the Seaboard Presentation to begin: