PSP Holiday Open House Features Facade/Streetscape Exhibit

Post date: Dec 5, 2012 9:47:18 PM

The Premise

Local architect Tina Govan lives and works only a few blocks from North Person Street. She has developed a keen interest in the storefronts and outdoor spaces in this "up-and-coming" neighborhood business district. A few months ago, Tina approached the PSP about creating a project where local architects and designers in the neighborhood could begin to envision how our neighborhood business center might be transformed into a series of unique outdoor gathering spaces - - or as Tina calls them in the picture to the right - "Person Street Plazas".

The People

Architects Jeremy Hauch, Chad Butterworth, and Tom Barrie along with landscape designer Philip Bernard joined Tina in several initial discussions on how best to show Person Street business and property owners ways that other neighborhoods and cities have created vibrant, people friendly facades and streetscapes. Early on the group embraced a grass roots, "from the ground up" approach advocating short term easy to accomplish projects that would draw people into the shops and restaurants and create a series outdoor rooms where neighbors could gather.

The Project

At this year's PSP Holiday Open House, Tina, Jeremy, Chad, and Philip will present rough plans, sketches, and a power point presentation that show some examples of how this grass roots approach might be accomplished. For this exhibit, they have focused on a section of Person Street from the former Rosie's Plate location to Nicole's Studio (see below). They are also including some ideas on how the Governor's Square condos across the street can encorporate some of their green space into the streetscape on Person Street. During the open house, the group is interested in feedback and ideas from the businesses on Person Street as well as folks from the surrounding community.